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Our Specialties

Over the past 30 years, we have had the opportunity to make a wide range of bronze and aluminum sculptures. Through these projects, we have acquired wide-ranging experiences that allow us to carry out any project, from the most detailed miniatures to impressive monuments installed in public spaces.

In order to guarantee the end result, our artisans use only the most efficient techniques and tools; this includes laser, waterjet, and plasma cutting, various types of bending, and much more. Thanks to our team’s collaborative approach and wealth of knowledge, we can take on every step in creating a bronze or aluminum sculpture: from wax and plaster work to making molds, casting, and getting the right finish and patina.

Unsurprisingly, many of our clients are artists. But we also get requests from municipalities, businesses, museums, foundations and even government departments.

Bronze and innovation a passion flowing from one generation to the next

Our values

What Matters Most to Us


We are committed to respecting the work and the art of every artist who comes into our studio. During our creative process, we always make sure that the artist is satisfied, and we customize our approach to make a perfect art piece.

Quality Work

Over the past thirty years, we have developed a unique expertise and a philosophy that we teach to all our artisans. Thanks to our high-quality materials and techniques, we can meet each of our clients’ requirements.


The latest generation in our workshop has taken a deep dive into researching and developing new colours and textures, so we can offer original and sturdy materials. We want to capture the artists’ vision with the best materials and techniques available today.


A Future-Forward Foundry

To offer increasingly specialized services, we are committed to seeking out new materials and developing new techniques for working with bronze and aluminum. Thanks to our team’s efforts, Atelier du Bronze is one of the most technologically advanced foundries in Canada.

Every day, we strive to hone our techniques, while continuously searching for new materials and services to offer our clients.

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At Atelier du Bronze, we are an art foundry known for our depth of knowledge in bronze and aluminum casting.

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